Album Review: “DOPE CITY” by ONE WAY ///

One Way Dope Cover

“Dope City” (2013) by ONE WAY (Central Pennsylvania) – Album Review

Starting your album off with a feature is never really a good idea, and nothing’s changed. Luckily the opening track “God’s Conversation” is strong enough to grab listeners early thanks to a solid guest spot from Joe Scudda and a soulful Muziqhedz track.  It’s hard not to notice that hypnotic Oddisee production with “Right Now”.   It isn’t until “First Million” where ONE WAY really find their feet.  The beats overall sound blends really well with both MC’s describing what it must feel like to have the finer things in life.  “My Way” is smooth enough to roll one up too with a good sonic background for ONE WAY to shine on.  “100 Tracks” has both emcee’s showcasing the finest lyricism on the 10 track project.  There’s room for growth but “DOPE CITY” proves there’s only one way, and that one way is up.  Looking forward with their progression in the industry.
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