MIKE HARDY (New Jersey) – Dreams & Nightmare Intro (Remix) ///


Mike Hardy, 18 year old artist/songwriter looking to be locally known in New Jersey and branch out so he don’t mind getting advice/pointers from others so he can get better and improvebecause one day he’s hoping to get in the music industry..but he would love to play at more gigs and get more exposure..that’s what he’s working on right hopefully the people that believe in him and others that love his music will help him reach the top. With his R&B single “MOAN” that’s very catchy has hit the 170k mark on YouTube in less than a month and continues to trend through-out the tri state area and now trends with his new hip hop song “Bad Chick” ft. Chad B. A very talented individual that has a thing for switching up styles on every new song that is being put out, he defiantly keeps his fans guessing. His latest remix was to Meek Mill “Dreams And Nightmares Intro” a very exclusive track where he lays down explosive bars and a lot of feelings and what seem to be a very targeted song towards his haters. But what should we expect next from mike? We shall see…

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