“FRESH FOLKS” Clothing (Netherlands) – Lifestyle Of The Most Dedicated ///


Established In 2011, and launched in December 2012 . FreshFolks Is a small Independent clothing brand from The Netherlands, providing you exclusive freshness. FreshFolks Is a one-man brand, just a retired b-boy who lives his dreams and try’s to make a living.

Inspired by 80s & 90’s Rapmusic, the HipHop artform, soul, funk-Blaxploitation, jazz & society. We want to give something back to the HipHop community by trying to be a part of the preservation of the underground HipHop culture through artwork where the t-shirt Is the canvas. providing you original designs, some with a critical but optimistic note on society, and designs highlighting the elements of the traditional crafts of HipHop.

We don’t follow the crowd, we just do our own thing…

With “Lifestyle Of The Most Dedicated” we referring to the dedicated Mc’s/Poets, B-Boys, Poppers, Lockers, Dj’s, Turntablists, Samplers/Beatmakers, Cratediggers and Writers who share the same true love for the HipHop artform.

All t-shirt designs are numbered and printed In limited quantities, printed on the highest quality garments available,no concessions are made.  There Is a hidden philosophical text printed inside all FreshFolks clothing, Just to put a positive mark In society…

FreshFolks Is an idealistic brand with a high social character. We support Dutch artists who are just as dedicated as we are. And trough auctions on our website we raise money to support HipHop organisations worldwide who play a positive role In society.

FreshFolks, a dope brand for the Like minded…



Flavor Collection Clothing w/ Randy Boston “Exclusive Interview” /// (I.E.S. edition)


About Flavor Collection

Flavor Collection, Inc. is an American clothing line founded and created by Rigo Castillo in 2009. After teaming up with Mikey Millz, CEO of KCMG (Kold Crush Music Group), they were able to deliver a brand with high quality products featuring modern designs. Based in San Diego, CA the number one objective of Flavor Collection is satisfying your taste with 100% pure Flavor.

Fashion and clothing at Flavor Collection is now one of the best means to bring out the real fashionista in you. Whether it’s your guitar class or that funky Saturday night out with friends, a Flavor shirt paired with your favorite denims will not only get you in that perfect mood, but also make you stand out from the crowd. These high quality shirts can be mixed and matched with pants, shorts or skirts of any type a style, and can result in stunning and classy looks that’ll get all eyes on you! At Flavor Collection we always create our own style and fashion at an affordable price.