NO ONE (Oceanside, CA) – Going Gets Rough ///

No One

No One (Stephen James) was born on November 30th 1988 in Oceanside CA. Like many others he grew up without his biological father but luckily for him his grandfather took in his mother, sister and himself giving him a positive male father figure to look up to. No Ones mother has battled meth addiction since before he was born exposing him to the negatives of drug use at an early age. When he was twelve his grandfather slowly died of emphysema. This hit him hard and took him along time for him to bounce back from the depression it had caused. In high school he started freestyling with friends and enjoyed the feeling he received when releasing stress, tension and anger into his flow. As time passed what he started doing for fun became a serious pursuit for him to create heartfelt music which he hopes to impact others as it has impacted him.
Featured UndergroundHipHopBLOG song: GOING GETS ROUGH off ” BRAIN INVADERZ” (2012).
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